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13 tweets that sum up everyone’s feelings on the Frank Ocean album

Stop cutting wood and release that album Frank Ocean!

Is this too much build up for an album?

It has been 4 years since Frank Ocean released Channel Orange and the US star has been cruelly elusive about the release of his follow-up, Boys Don't Cry.

US sources claim the record will drop on Friday but we've been in this position before and emotions among fans are mixed to say the least.

Moods are mostly ranging between 'good' and 'hysterical'

Some people don't believe it's happening

Others are just not coping

Does Frank know?

He's a tough one to track down, that's for sure

Can the internet cope waiting another three months?

Or how about 19 years?

Can we mention the 'T' word?

But lets be honest, no one but Frank Ocean knows what's going on right now