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The jeans campaign task

1. Mukai clarified his understanding of the present day (but confused everyone else)

2. A photoshoot for jeans, without said jeans, is just a photographer with a camera

3. A monobrow is the key to being unique (unless everyone has one...)

4. For some contestants it was all play and no work

5. If you're ever in need of some quick motivation, JD's your man

6. The loo is probably not the best choice of location to film an ad about your luxurious jeans

7. In an Apprentice first, neither team won - but at least Lord Sugar saved some money on the treat

8. One boardroom's loss is another cafe's gain

9. The Big K once again proved there is only one of him

10. It's not just the loud that are seen, Lord Sugar is notices the quiet ones too - bye Natalie!