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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When's Silent Witness on?

See see the next scheduled episodes here.

I missed an episode. Where can I catch up?

Watch the latest episode and clips here.

I can't view the clips! What should I do?

To watch video clips on the Silent Witness site, you'll need Flash. To install the latest free version onto your computer, check out BBC Help.

Please be aware that Silent Witness video clips are only accessible to UK licence fee payers. International users will receive an error message when they try to access these clips.

Can you help me with a technical query?

If you're having problems, take a look at the BBC Help section.

Where can I find previews of what's coming up?

Please visit the latest available episode page for a preview of what's coming up on Silent Witness.

Can I buy back copies of Silent Witness?

Yes, all past series are available to buy on DVD here.

Can I become an extra for Silent Witness?

The show only uses professional actors.