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MPFree - November 2014

TWR72 - Summer (Acid Version)

Friday 28 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

We always say with the last show of the week that we’re bringing Friday night 12 hours early. Well, that’s why TWR72 are today’s MPFree. This track has been around for a while now, but as we all know great music is timeless (cough). Plus, with it being Black Friday, why not take advantage of 6 Music’s other great offers (we mean all of the other great MPFrees below).

Download TWR72 - Summer (Acid Version)

TWR72 is Dutch duo Tom Doorschodt & Roger van der Zwan and this is taken from a 3 track EP called 1991. They say this is their “tribute to that decade”, and they’re not kidding. Perfectly realised piano loops, house vocalist Miss Bunty samples and the best of the build ups, this track will be sure to get you into the weekend spirit. “Tracky, stripped-back and tough as hell, TWR72 delivers an ultra-lean cut of prime techno. Perfect for every dancefloor.”

The Milk - Deliver Me

Thursday 27 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s free download harks back the soul roots of Southern USA, in a similar vain to Leon Briges who was MPFree a few weeks back. Production, lyrics, heartfelt pangs of loss and those layered vocals make this a must for your digital device of choice.

Download The Milk - Deliver Me

The Milk is Rick Nunn, Mitch Ayling, Dan Legresley and Luke Ayling, based in London and on the exquisite Wah Wah 45 label. It seems they’ve had an about turn from their previous material with this track, moving from the post-Jamie T soul into a new mature and rawer sound. The instrumentation has been toned down and really lays the songwriter’s bones bare. Expect their second album next year, and also expect it to be produced by The Bees’ Paul Butler.

The Milk

Grand Vapids – Kiln

Wednesday 26 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

The MPFree is all about sharing the finest music found on this here internet that you can own and keep forever. So, if your favourite streaming service ever goes bust, you’ll still have the music…the soundtrack to your history, your psyche, you! Today’s download comes from Austin Harris, McKendrick Bearden, Chris Goggans and Paul Stevens, better known as Grand Vapids.

Download Grand Vapids – Kiln

The band hails from Athens, Georgia and this track is taken from their debut album Guarantees, produced by fellow Georgian and Deerhunter member Drew Vandenberg. It’s released 20th January, but you can pre-order now via their Bandcamp page. It’s drone-y, it’s dreamy, it’s slightly noisy and scary, but utterly gorgeous. Download the somnambulating spectacle now.

C-Duncan - For

Tuesday 25 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s free download comes from singer-songwriter Christopher Duncan AKA C-Duncan from that there Glasgow. It feels like Glasgow is having a purple patch at the moment with the likes of Honeyblood, Paws and The Amazing Snakeheads all breaking through to national ears.

Download C-Duncan - For

The music composition graduation is currently working on his debut album – written and recorded in his flat - which is slated for released next year. He says: “Vibe-wise, it’s a pretty chilled out album and each track just kind of does its own thing.” Being classically trained, with both parents as classical musicians, it would be easy to understand if Chris had gone a completely different route. But the intricacy required for that lends itself well to the folk he’s currently crafting, the sound of reminiscing and longing, with layer upon layer of vocals, strings and percussion. It also makes complete sense that he says barbershop quartets are an influence. It needs a few listens to really take in what’s happening.

DJ Yoda's Exclusive British Library Jam

Monday 24 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

He’s a very clever guy that DJ Yoda. Last Friday, he took part in Steve Lamacq’s show, which was live from the British Library as part of our 6 Music Celebrates…Libraries season. Steve was delving into the vaults, home of some of the first sound recordings to Beatles’ lyrics written on the back on envelopes. You can catch it all here if you so wish.

Download DJ Yoda's Exclusive British Library Jam*

While there, the star of Cut and Paste DJ Yoda was sleuthing around the racks to find the supreme samples that would create his 3 minute masterpiece, which he created during the show. Featuring the likes of bird tweeting and sea sound effects, very ancient radio recordings, drama, speeches and articles on how to use your brand new wireless. Fascinating stuff and it’s available as a free download no less from our website.

*Find the track on the page when you click through, then right click on the link and either ‘save target as’ or 'save link as’.

DJ Yoda

Colleen Green – Pay Attention

Friday 21 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s free download comes from all the way from that there Los Angeles, from a singer songwriter who’s been described as "Belinda Carlisle fronting The Ramones". Now THAT is how you get people’s attention. But first and foremost, it’s an excellent track so get it into your ears now.

Download Colleen Green – Pay Attention

Having been picked up after a series of home recordings, this is her first studio effort By Colleen Green and band. Despite the studio production, the song writing hasn’t lost any of the home-recording earnestness, and it’s the flaws in the track that keep it grounded to its original intentions. It made its debut as part of labels Sub Pop and Hardly Art’s weeklong takeover of Last Call With Carson Daly – on the same show as our very own Cillian Murphy no less. It’s the lead single from album ‘I Want To Grow Up’, released 24th February. She created the album at Sputnik Sound in Nashville with JEFF The Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall (check out ‘Whatever I Want”, pure excellence) and Diarrhea Planet’s Casey Weissbuch as her backing band. It’s late 80s-early 90s Runaways inspired Rock-with-a-catchy-hook that just makes it danceable, enjoyable and, above all, fun!

Little Dragon

Tom Williams & The Boat – In The Snow (Demo)

Thursday 20 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

It really is such a huge position of privilege that we find ourselves in when bands giveaway their music for free. The MPFree aims to celebrate that privilege by bringing you the best the inter-web has to offer. Today’s free download comes from Tunbridge Wells quintet Tom Williams & The Boat, who declare: “Exciting times as the End Of shows are now officially underway. And to celebrate, I have a prezzie for you!”

Download In Tom Williams & The Boat – In The Snow (Demo)

Recalling PJ Harvey in all her rock glory, Tom Williams started solo but got fed up and decided to find his Boat to tag along. You can pick up a whole CD of their demos from the live shows and their website now, whilst you’re there the third album Easy Fantastic is also worth checking out, released earlier this year. And if you like the cut of their jib, they play the following:

• 23rd Nov: The Grey Lady, Tunbridge Wells

• 27th Nov - The Lamb, Lewes

• 5th Dec - Birmingham, Ort Cafe

• 8th Dec - Leeds, Holy Trinity Church

• 14th Dec - Bexhill, De La Warr Pavillion

• 18th Dec - Brighton, The Brunswick, Hove

Tom Williams & The Boat

Wednesday 19 November, by AshleyTeam Laverne

Today’s MPFree is an interesting piece of lo-fi Hip Hop, which reminds us of the likes of N*E*R*D, Diplo and Spank Rock from back in the day, even some Tricky B-sides circa The Hell EP / Grassroots. The artist in question clearly loves what he does by declaring: “money shouldn't be the reason you make art. You make art because you can't help it.” Take note people.

Download Ka - Lost Prophet Report

Ka has worked with the likes of Wu Tang’s GZA and spent his early days with Natural Elements and Nightbreed. He’s been rapping for 20 years, starting out in his native Brooklyn, with his debut album released 2008 called Iron Works, although he’s not too sure about having his material played on the radio: “[My songs are] not for the radio, the club or the masses. My music is for those who miss early '90s hip hop when pain and struggle were the dominant themes."

Bird City - A Band End

Tuesday 18 November, by AshleyTeam Laverne

Every day on the Lauren Laverne show, we play out a record that you can then download from here, our blog, for free. We all know that the idea of owning music is slipping away, but that’s by the by. A lot of us here at 6 Music still love owning, and why wouldn’t you want to cherish this lovely track forever and ever?

Download Bird City - A Band End*

Bird City is the banjo / tenor guitar project of Jenny Mitchell, a Canadian songwriter who you might also know as Jenny Omnichord. Or you might know her from the indie band ‘The Barmitzvah Brothers’? She’s also supported the likes of Arcade Fire, Grizzy Bear and MGMT. What we’re saying is that at some point you’ve probably heard her oeuvre. Bird City has been rolling on for close to 15 years now! Most bands rarely get past five. Jenny says, “Bird City has kind of been around forever, back around to the early days of being in a band. It is my comfort in knowing that there can be millions of similar things, and a single one in any given moment can still strike you as the most unique and beautiful thing in the world."

*This is name your price track, so click “buy now”, and enter £0 if you like. But if you want to give a little an artist and her art, then you can also do that as well.

We Are The Willows - Dear Ms. Branstner

Monday 17 November, by Frank Team Laverne

Just like that, Monday rolls round again, but we’re here to ease you into another wet week with a wistful MPFree. Today’s offering comes from We Are The Willows, and it’s a masterful exercise in orchestral folk pop.

We Are The Willows - Dear Ms. Branstner

Picture [Portrait] is the second album from South Minneapolis six-piece, We Are the Willows. All songs on the album, including today’s MPFree, were based on a collection of 350 letters written by frontman Peter Miller’s grandfather while he was stationed in the Southwest Pacific during World War II. The letters were written to Peter’s grandmother, and they serve as the foundation for the lyrics’ exploration of family, separation, life, and death; talk about a concept album! The bold, orchestral proportions of these often euphoric songs do justice to their grand themes. Records like this one don’t come around very often.

ALT-J - Hunger Of The Pine (The Golden Pony Remix)

Friday 14 November, by Frank Team Laverne

It’s Friday, so we’re sending you off into the weekend with a dance-floor ready remix of ALT-J’s already classic ‘Hunger of the Pine’. The Golden Pony are responsible for today’s MPFree, so don’t thank us; thank them.

ALT-J - Hunger Of The Pine (The Golden Pony Remix)

The Golden Pony are Brooklyn duo, Timothy Monkiewicz and Thomas Murphy. Their remix of ‘Hunger of the Pine’ is the latest in a long line of house-tinged, synth heavy, reworks (turn to their SoundCloud for takes on Talking Heads, Outkast, and Dre), that have seen them hurtle through the blogosphere. They also produce original numbers – filled with whispery vocals and thudding bass, those tracks seem to place them somewhere between The Pet Shop Boys and The Juan Maclean. Follow the link to download today’s atmospheric, head-nodding MPFree, and check out their impressive portfolio of tunes while you’re there.

Archive – Black And Blue

Thursday 13 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s MPFree is a full of cinematic, soundscaped glacial wist, build from the burning embers of Trip Hop – good embers though! – from a collective returning with new material.

Download Archive – Black And Blue

Black And Blue is the first track released from tenth album Restriction. It’s out 12th January and is a welcome return to the London / Paris-based collective. Following their sell-out gig at London’s Roundhouse, they’ll appear live again at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 10th April next year – put it in your diaries folks. They’ve been around since 1996 and joined the trip hop movement with founding members Darius Keeler and Dan Griffiths working with multiple singers. “It’s important people don’t see it as ‘featured singers’,” says Keeler. “We’re all profoundly involved. That’s why the music sounds consistent.” Restriction follows the collective’s last record, Axiom, released only 9 months previously.

Aphex Twin – CIRCLONT10A [orig]

Wednesday 12 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

After years of silence, stirrings were found on the dark web. It turns out, they pointed to Richard D. James in his Aphex Twin moniker and his new album Syro. The music world gasped. Now, he can’t stop releasing new material.

Download Aphex Twin – CIRCLONT10A [orig]

Collating new material for 13 years probably meant that Aphex had a lot to spare by the time Syro was released. So now, we’re seeing demos, unreleased older work, music by his son, “sonic experiments” with Buchla and Serge modular synths, orchestral performances, and more popping up all over the shop. But you have been warned, some of the material even had Richard calling “a racket”. We’ve sifted through the 30 odd releases and thought it best to bring you one of the funk moments – funk, but with an Aphex twist. This is the demo version of the excellent ‘CIRCLONT6A [141.98] (syrobonkus mix) from the album and it’s really interesting to see a stripped back, work-in-progress knowing that it went on to become a full avalanche of IDM doom techno. Go forth and seek / download.

Chromatics – At Your Door (8-Track Version)

Tuesday 11 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s free download comes from Portland, Oregan quartet Chromatics, from one of our favourite labels Italians Do It Better, who also feature quite heavily in one of our favourite films, Drive. Overall, this is a good band, with good music. Good!

Download Chromatics – At Your Door (8-Track Version)

Producer Johnny Jewel – who’s both a member of Glass Candy and Chromatics, and owner of the aforementioned label - has been uploading a fair amount of unreleased music recently , lots of older tracks and rarities of his have been popping up all over the place. This 8-track demo version of ‘At Your Door’ was released last week and sees the original – from the Kill For Love LP – being stripped back to its bare bones, exposing the song in its more ‘natural’ form. If you like the sound then try and seek out the other tracks he’s shared: ‘I Can't Keep Running’, a cover of ‘Blue Moon’ and a track entitled ‘The Last Dance’ (which, ironically, you’d struggle to dance to….but this sound is what the label does best). You should also uncover compilations Italians Do It Better 1 & 2, tune after tune of classic late-night, song-for-the-mind music.

Pilote - Before You Fall Down feat. Dusty Stray (Kin;Aesthetic's Hibernation Dub)

Monday 10 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

So every day on the Lauren Laverne broadcast, we play out a song that is also available to you lovely people as a free download. Today’s MPFree comes from a chap named Stuart Cullen who apparently gave music up a while ago. Only now it seems he’s some capacity.

Download Pilote - Before You Fall Down feat. Dusty Stray (Kin;Aesthetic's Hibernation Dub)

Pilote released his sixth studio album The Slowdown last year which was rumoured to be his last effort. We featured the incredible Shapeshifter Blues as a download at the time – you must check it out, think Lemon Jelly in full acoustic guitar ‘bounce’ mode – and this remix and bonus track extended EP The Slowdown: Epilogue, from which this download is taken, is out now. Originally planned to be released with the original album, Pilote hung onto it and now it’s out in the open in its own right. Remixers include The Unknown Stuntman, Brighton’s Kin;Aesthetic, Route 24’s and Scaramanga Silk, and features bonus tracks from the original sessions. Go seek!

La Bête Blooms – TV Speak

Friday 7 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

We always like to ramp things up on a Friday, and that’s exactly what this Hull-based quintet do best. Think Slowdive meeting Pixies thrown in with a bit of Kurt Cobain’s Incesticide guitar sound and you pretty much have it.

Download La Bête Blooms – TV Speak

This track appears on their self-titled debut EP, released last month and produced by Matt Peel who’s unleashed the likes of Eagulls and Pulled Apart By Horses. Check out the pretty psychedelic video whilst you’re there, think of a children’s cartoon melting and you’re pretty much there. You’ll also find it on Hull-based ‘bedroom pop’ label The Adult Teeth Recording Company’s new sampler, yours for less that £2.01. In the meantime, download this track for free.

Pulp Disco & The Outcasts - Down & Out in Paris and Manchester (Love Story Mix)

Thursday 6 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s free download track is a “sinister euro pop/super-charged space-disco”. Not our words, they are the words of space disco collective Pulp Disco & The Outcasts. Now these guys know a bass line when they hear one. Slow-motion disco anyone?

Pulp Disco & The Outcasts "Down & Out in Paris and Manchester (Love Story Mix)

PD&TO is a superstar-DJ sextet from Manchester, London and Paris, consisting of DJ Stefano, Mark Rejekt, Adam (Acid) Strange, Ginnie Watson, Steve Bramwell and Leo Outcast. You never would have thought that that many people could come together to create something so minimal, so magnificent, so trippy! French bar/club/label/DJ and production crew La Dame Noir recently issued the 13-track The Long Long Summer compilation, of which this track features. Download now and go seek!

Youandewan - 93

Wednesday 5 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

We’ve got nothing against clever re-workings of classics on this show, and that’s why the following is today’s MPFree.

Download Youandewan - 93

Covering the hip hop behemoth that is Souls of Mischief’s ‘93 'til Infinity’ is no easy task, but it’s one that Berlin-based producer Youandewan has succeeded in doing. It’s not been overworked and is smart enough to leave the original elements intact. The song has been sampled many-a-time, but this feel pretty fresh and not overbearing in any way. For those aficionados among you, Billy Cobham's 'Heather' (the original song that inspired Souls Of Mischief) plus some Tribe Called Quest is also thrown into the mix. Clever stuff. There’s word that there will be an EP ready for the Aus label early next year, so keep ‘em peeled.

Leon Bridges - Better Man

Tuesday 4 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Following the reaction to yesterday’s MPFree from Fort Worth’s Leon Bridges, we thought we’d share the other track he’s released for free download. Simply too good to let slip by with just one play, this guy is going places and we wanted to make sure that you heard his name.

Download Leon Bridges - Better Man

In ‘Better Man’ he croons over his broken heart to an R&B beat (R&B as is in the real deal R&B!) with Phil Spector-esque production complete with keys and punchy brass. He still supporting Sharon Van Etten in February in New York, and is still produced by Austin Jenkins and Josh Block of White Denim, and what a sound they’ve created!

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Monday 3 November, by Ashley Team Laverne

Today’s MPFree is from a singer / songwriter from Fort Worth Texas, who blends southern soul, gospel and ‘50s-sounding production, with what can only be described as one of the greatest voices we might have ever heard. This one is really appealing to our sounds-like-Sam-Cooke gland…truly remarkable.

Download Leon Bridges – Coming Home

He’s supporting Sharon Van Etten in February in New York and it’s only a matter of time before he’s music’s worst kept secret. A lot of blogs recently have picked up on his oeuvre with the two tracks he’s put out there so far, ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Better Man’. Recorded in Fort Worth and produced by Austin Jenkins and Josh Block of White Denim, Leon embraces and re-energises his roots with a class that steers it away from pastiche, and turns it into a momentous, anachronistic exploration of sounds from a bygone and (musically) much-missed era.

Everybody loves a spot of free music, so open your minds and get downloading now.