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The Isdal woman's many identities

As the police began to investigate the identity of the Isdal woman, it was discovered she had stayed in the St Svithun hotel in Stavanger. Further investigation showed that she had stayed in several hotels in Norway - but using different aliases. And since most hotels required guests to show a passport and fill in a check-in form, this means she would have had several fake passports. Here is a sample of those hotel forms.

Genevieve Lancier, from Louvain, stayed in Viking Hotel, Oslo

Claudia Tielt, from Brussels, stayed in Hotel Bristol, Bergen

Claudia Tielt, from Brussels, stayed in Hotel Skandia, Bergen

Claudia Nielsen, from Ghent, stayed in KNA-Hotellet, Stavanger

Alexia Zarne-Merchez, from Ljubljana, stayed in Neptun Hotel, Bergen

Elisabeth Leenhouwer, from Ostend, stayed in Hotel Hordaheimen, Bergen