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What could Brexit mean for your finances?

The result of one of the biggest decisions in British political history has raised many questions in areas such as investments, savings, pensions, the housing market and EU citizenship applications. We have brought together leading experts to try and provide some answers.

1. Property

Is it a good time to buy my first home or a rental property?

London & Country mortgage broker David Hollingworth answers listeners' questions.

2. Citizenship

Dual Citizenship: Should I apply and what will it cost?

With Rose Carey, Head of Immigration at Charles Russell Speechlys Rose.

3. Pensions

Will I receive a UK State Pension if I live and work in France?

Michelle Cracknell from The Pensions Advisory Service explains the current position.

4. Investments

Investment advice: If in doubt, do nowt.

Russ Mould, Investment Director at A J Bell discusses listeners' investment concerns.

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