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Explore a British forest through this beautiful soundscape

The tonic of the outdoors is known to have a huge impact on our health. It’s hard for anyone to doubt the whistle of the breeze, the low rumble of a fallow deer treading by, the gurgle of a falling stream are beneficial to helping us feel relaxed. But now it’s thought that trees holder a deeper power, one that can totally de-stress us in a way other environments can’t.

BBC Springwatch has been out collecting the sounds and sights of the forest. The team took a trip to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire to record the blissful quiet of one of Britain's most untouched landscapes.

Play the audio and scroll through the photos to experience the true pleasure of nature.

You can read more about forest bathing here, and read the story behind this feature here.

Forest bathing: the sights and sounds of the Forest of Dean

The BBC Springwatch team spent the afternoon recording the wind in the trees.


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