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The best moments from LOL-a-thon 2019

Scott Mills and Chris Stark were on air for an incredible 27 hours, broadcasting nothing but lols for Radio 1's LOL-a-thon.

With the help of some very special guests, they've tickled the nation's funny bone for over an entire day, raising over £320,000 in donations!

They've had LOLs with David Beckham, Ricky Gervais and Jack Whitehall; they've visited 10 Downing Street; and they've expected the weird delirium that you'd expect from presenters staying up for over 24 hours.

And they've had a lot of help from you, the listeners, who've been sending your funniest jokes.

Here's the best bits from Radio 1's LOL-a-thon:

Donate to Radio 1's LOL-a-thon

Scott Mills and Chris Stark are raising money for Comic Relief by staying on-air for 24 hours - you can read more about their Comic Relief challenge here. If you would like to get involved and make a donation - we've put all the details in one handy place here.

Ricky Gervais brought the feel-good factor with his Unpopular Opinion...

Thanks for that, Ricky. Cheery stuff.

Queer Eye's Tan France showed up for an incredible Innuendo Bingo

Scott and Chris couldn't do Lol-a-thon without some Innuendo Bingo's.

First up was Tan France from Queer Eye, who was deadly serious in making sure his expensive shoes didn't get wet. Just look at those plastic bags.

Just wait until you hear the Michelle Chub clip.

The jokes revved up when the Top Gear lads got involved

And to think, Andrew Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness thought they'd already heard every car joke in the world.

Love Island's Dr Alex read out your best Doctor Doctor jokes

Ok, that Simpsons joke was seriously funny.

Scott and Chris did a knock knock joke at No 10

Where better to perform a Knock Knock joke than at one of the country's most famous front doors, No. 10 Downing Street?

Chris, a 6-year-old from Belfast, sent a great Knock Knock joke that Scott and Chris decided to take to Westminster.

Sadly, the PM didn't open the door, and her aide didn't seem too impressed as Chris was swiftly shown the door.

Delirium set in, thanks to Jack Whitehall

There's nothing funnier than someone getting their lines wrong, so Jack Whitehall provided one of the biggest laughs of the Lol-a-thon with this.

David Beckham told a very cheeky joke

Golden Balls knocked it out the park with this one.

In a poignant moment, Greg James reminded us why LOL-a-thon and Comic Relief are so important

Greg James opens up about his own struggle with anxiety during LOL-a-thon

The Radio 1 presenter tells us why Comic Relief's work is so valuable

Greg spoke frankly about how he suffered an anxiety attack last night, adding how fortunate he was to have a network of family and friends around him, and to be able to afford a therapist. "But there's a lot of people who can't do that, and this is what the money goes to. Comic Relief will distribute that money, and help people who can't afford to see a therapist or have CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) sessions."

This is what it's all about, and it's exactly why Scott and Chris are staying up to raise money for Comic Relief.

You can still donate here!

Darius' Colourblind was named Hottest Record in the World

Every musician wants Annie Mac to name their track a Hottest Record in the World, but Scott Mills caused mayhem by inviting former Pop Idol contestant Darius into the studio.

In the spirit of LOL-a-thon, Annie declared Darius' 2002 track Colourblind to be last night's Hottest Record.

In fact, is this the Hottest Record of all time?

Vanessa Feltz came in to tell Your Mum jokes

Because of course she did.

Hands up who didn't realise they needed this in their lives?

Scott and Chris had a big announcement to make

But Lorraine Kelly got there first with the big news. Still, over £100,000 in donations is incredible!

Keep the donations coming here.

This article will be updated as the LOL-a-thon continues.

Andy from Fyre Festival said he'd take one for the team

"You're a legend," Scott told Andy.

Jack Saunders from Radio 1's Indie Show posed in his... pants?

Two hen parties were invited in to do a life drawing masterclass, naturally.

And Jack Saunders from Radio 1's Indie Show bravely volunteered (or was forced - we can't say for sure) to strip down to his pants and pose in the Live Lounge.

There were some pretty interesting drawings...

Louis Tomlinson dropped by to give an ultra sound joke

Louis is such a sweetheart, isn't he?

28 hours later... They hit their target!

The final total was £324,931! That's a huge £49,668 more than 2017's total.

And remember, you can still donate to Comic Relief. It couldn't be simpler.