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The Perfect Christmas Single

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Scott Mills & His Pigs In Blankets: It's The Perfect Christmas Single!

Scott Mills had a dream. And that dream was to try and write a properly good Christmas song.

His dream has now become a reality.

Taking advice from Christmas greats such as actual Noddy Holder, Tim Minchin, Michael Buble and many others, Scott roped in his friends Frisky and Mannish to work out what makes the perfect Christmas song.

The main ingredients were: bells, stating the obvious, innuendo, sadness, mentioning lots of Christmas things, and a political message. We think the finished result has got them all in there.

Want to hear this festive extravanganza? Well, you can get it right here, for free!

Just right click and hit Save As to download The Perfect Christmas Single!

Find out more about the accompanying documentary - Scott's Perfect Christmas Song. Part of BBC Radio 1's Stories.

Merry Christmas!