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The Fourth Dimension

Father's Day

Don't Fear The Reapers

The creatures that feature in this episode are never named onsceen, but are called Reapers. Other Time-feeding monsters in Doctor Who mythology include the Vortisaurs (in the audio plays), the Hunters (from the novels) and Chronovores from The Time Monster (1972). The Chronovores also feature in No Future, a novel by Father's Day script writer Paul Cornell.

Tangled Time

Time has been altered with varying degrees of success in previous Doctor Who adventures, but is generally considered a dangerous thing. In the 1970's, a piece of technobabble referred to as the Blinovitch Limitation Effect was created. This established that a time traveller cannot attempt to redo a previously committed action to correct it, and that if you come into contact with a version of yourself from the past or future, a dangerous energy discharge would result.

Bad Wolf

This episode's reference to Bad Wolf appears in the form of a rave poster on a wall at the scene of Pete's accident.


The baby, young and adult versions of Rose all have different coloured eyes. It's not common, but possible for eye colour to change over time, however.

Time Slip

As part of the time damage caused in the episode, Rose hears the track Don't Mug Yourself by The Streets on Pete's car stereo, decades before its release.

Bottom's Up

The Lamb and Flag, a pub featured in British sitcom Bottom, is referenced in the episode.


Father's Day was nominated for the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, but was beaten by Steven Moffat's two-parter The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances.


Never Gonna Give You Up, performed by Rick Astley and Never Can Say Goodbye, performed by The Communards, feature in the episode. The original script suggested the use of music by Saint Etienne towards the end of the story.

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