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10: Somos una piña

We are a tribe

Charlie, Quique and Sofía talk about their own families and about the people in Teresa's family who live all over the world. Teresa then tells a story about an alien, Cho, who comes to Earth and Uncle Manu sings about his own close-knit family. Key vocabulary includes family members and expressions using the verb tener. Pronunciation includes focus on the s / z sound.

Clip 37: La familia de Teresa

Teresa’s family

At Quique’s house, Quique and Sofía tell Charlie about Teresa’s family who are from Mexico and live all over the world. Charlie asks Quique and Sofía to describe their family, and then she talks about her own.

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Clip duration: 04 30

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Clip 38: Cuento - Familias de otro mundo

Story - Families from another world

Cho is an inquisitive alien who decides one day to travel to Earth to find out about human families. He finds himself in a Madrid park where he meets lots of people and concludes there's no such thing as a typical human family!

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Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
describing your family members of the family in Spanish
expressing how you feel forming expressions with 'tener'
showing possession in Spanish changing family words from masculine to feminine
- focus on pronunciation - s / z

Clip 39: El español en todo el mundo

Spanish all over the world

Quique and Sofía explain to Charlie how to use the verb tener in Spanish. They also discuss that Spanish is spoken in other parts of the world, sometimes with a different accent.

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Clip duration: 04 20

Key vocabulary 1

Spanish English
abuelo grandfather
abuela grandmother
madre mother
padre father
padres parents
hermano brother
hermana sister

Clip 40: Canción - Mi familia es una piña

Song - My family is a tribe

Uncle Manu sings about his close-knit family.

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Key vocabulary 2

Spanish English
hijo son
hija daughter
primo (boy) cousin
prima (girl) cousin
sobrino nephew
sobrina niece
gemelos ( twins (identical)