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Paramore: We are getting along the best we ever have right now

Paramore bounced back onto the pop scene in 2017 with a brand new sound on their major bop, Hard Times.

The single, and new album After Laughter, hears the band at the most upbeat of their career and the band told Radio 1 that the positive vibes on the new record are all due to what’s been going on behind the scenes.

“We've been through a lot, anybody that's followed our band has been through it with us,” said drummer Zac Farro, after the band performed in the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

The band is the least of our worries and it used to be the opposite
Zac, Paramore

“We are all getting along the best we ever have right now. The band is the least of our worries and it used to be the opposite.

“It's just a really healthy place. What breeds from that is being super inspired and everything we listen to and everything we pull from is pretty upbeat, musically.

“Lyrically it's really cool for Hayley to feel more honest over something that's typically not what we do. It's been a whole new direction and new era. It's been really cool.”

They gave us a taste of their new direction and Hayley’s honest lyrics with their performance of Hard Times in the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Watch Paramore perform Hard Times

Paramore added that bringing new influences into their traditionally rock-based sound was important for the band to evolve as musicians.

For us being honest has meant change
Taylor, Paramore

“As you grow and get older, if you're honest you have to change,” said guitarist Taylor York.

“Some people can do the same thing for a long time and that's very honest but for us being honest has meant change.”

As well as their own hit, they put a Paramore twist on Drake’s huge 2017 hit Passionfruit, and say they picked the tune for one simple reason: It makes them all move.

“As a band we have danced to that new record a lot,” said Taylor.

“If you can make someone dance, then you're very talented and I appreciate that about his songwriting.”

Watch Paramore cover Drake's Passionfruit

Paramore have a hugely dedicated following (hundreds of which were waiting outside Radio 1 on the day of the band’s session), having provided the soundtrack for thousands of teenagers the world over.

I hate to tell them but their 20s are going to be rough too
Hayley, Paramore

And frontwoman Hayley Williams says it’s important to see fans grow along with the band.

“It's empowering and it’s hopeful because I remember when we were teenagers and we bonded over music that helped and it was fun,” she said.

“It either got us dancing or it made us want to play music, inspired us. It's nice that's our lot in life, that's what we're here to do - play music and it makes us feel purposeful.”

But she warns that it’s not all smooth sailing once those troublesome teen years are finished.

“I hate to tell them but their 20s are going to be rough too,” she added.

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