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Fight Game VR

Step inside the ropes at McGuigan's Gym and face up to Carl Frampton in virtual reality.

If that sounds a little terrifying, don't worry too much – you'll have the expertise of Shane McGuigan, Carl's trainer, in your corner to help you through it.

Legendary boxer Barry McGuigan, Carl's manager and the man who runs the Cyclone stable, is also on hand in the gym to give a unique insight into how champion boxers are forged.

On mobile or tablet, simply tilt or drag your finger across the screen to look around. On desktop or laptop computers, click on the video with your mouse or use the arrow keys to explore. Just try not to get hit. Good luck!

For the optimal Fight Game VR experience, watch it on YouTube using a VR headset and headphones...

This VR/360 experience involves being face to face with a professional boxer – please be aware that you may feel some anxiety as his punches come towards you.

You should stay seated while viewing, and also consult the manufacturer's own instructions for the use of any headsets/equipment.

Detailed safety information for viewing VR/360 videos can be found on BBC Taster

BBC VR/360 terms of use

Starring - Carl Frampton and Shane McGuigan
Director - Jack Morrow
Executive Producer - Phil Morrow
360 VFX Artist - David Cosgrove
Colourist - Jamie McRoberts
Lighting - Liam Bracey
Sound Mixer - Claire Marquess

Producer for the BBC - Warren Bell

Filmed at McGuigan's Gym, with thanks to Barry McGuigan and Cyclone Promotions