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By Millie Robinson

Tyrannos-Oral Hygiene by Millie Robinson

Read by Helen Clapp from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

"Tyrone King to see Dr Rose Gummeridge please," called the receptionist over the dentist's intercom.

No response.

Tyrone King?" she repeated.

Rita the receptionist peered around the corner to find a 12-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to get into the dentist's office. In shock, Rita could do nothing but stare.

Using his tiny hands, Tyrone the T-Rex attempted 6 times to open the dentist's door but when he finally managed it, realised he couldn't fit through the doorway anyway.

Hearing the commotion Dr Gummeridge looked up. Trepidation immediately filled her but before she could scream, she realised that she wasn't the only one trembling in fear.

The dinosaur was shaking, and it was obvious that he was terrified of the dentist. "My tooth hurts," said Tyrone in a small voice (small for a dinosaur that is).

Dr Gummeridge decided to do her examination in the car park, to give them some more room.

"Open wide" said the dentist and as Tyrone opened his massive jaw, she almost fainted, his breath smelt of mouldy cheese and old socks but ten times worse!

She had never come across a smell like it before, and even from a distance could see almost all of his banana-size teeth were black.
"What an awful looking set of teeth. I've never seen anything like this before!"

"When was the last time you saw the dentist, Mr King?" asked Dr Gummeridge looking doubtful.

"About 65 million years ago," mumbled Tyrone, a bit ashamed.

The dentist shook her head sadly.

She tried to take a closer look, but Tyrone was too tall and she couldn't reach high enough and her instruments were too small for his massive jaw.

Thinking for a moment she said, "come back in a week and I'll be sure your teeth will be as clean as they'll ever be."

Tyrone arrived a week later to find Dr Gummeridge had assembled a whole crew; four gardeners, three builders, two plasterers and the fire brigade from the local village.

Armed with a face mask each, she set them to work on her clever plan.

The gardeners used their hoes to scrape out all the rotting meat from between Tyrone's teeth.

The builders used a cement mixer to mix the filling for all the nasty cavities.

The plasterers filled the holes and smoothed the mixture down.

The gardeners used sweeping brushes to brush his teeth and the fire brigade rinsed his mouth with their powerful hoses.

Four hours later his teeth were as clean as freshly washed clothes.

Tyrone was delighted. He thanked the dentist, but she declined the thanks and said he owed it just as much to everyone who helped with cleaning his teeth which he happily did.

As Tyrone set off to show off his new and improved teeth to all his dino friends, Dr Gummeridge called after him, "maybe just don't leave it so long next time!".

The dinosaur winked, flashed her a sparkling smile and carried on into the distance.

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