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Become a judge

Registration to become a judge for the 2019 competition has now CLOSED.

A massive thank you to all of the superstar public judges that have signed up to mark stories this year. We hope you have fun reading the wonderfully wacky entries submitted!

500 Words is back for 2019

Where will you find your story for Radio 2's annual story-writing competition for kids?

5000 teachers and librarians offered up their time to judge the thousands of sensational stories that we received in 2018.

Who can be a judge?

We're looking for volunteer teachers and librarians (retired and in training too!) to help us judge this year's amazing stories!

The question we ask is whether our judges can “assess the written work of children aged 13 and under?" - if this applies to you then please register for A JUDGE ACCOUNT once registration opens.

If you would like to be a judge but also need to submit stories, sign up for this account as it will allow you to do both!

How to register to be a judge

Judges can register for an account once registration opens using the online registration form.

We need you to provide a referee who can confirm that you meet the competition's requirements. We must have received a response from your nominated referee in order for your application to be accepted.

On registering for an account you will also be asked to select which age group you wish to mark: 5-9 or 10-13.

What happens next?

Approved judges will receive a batch of randomly allocated stories (around 20) once the competition has closed, which you’ll have just over 3 weeks to mark. We make sure that our judges don’t receive any stories from writers in their own region, so there’s no chance of you accidentally being asked to mark a story from your child or class!

2019 judges will also get the chance to enter a random ballot to receive tickets to attend the 500 Words Final.

BROWSER SUPPORT: If you are having trouble with the site, please try loading it in a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, as it may be that your browser is not up to date. Simply copy and paste the link into an alternative browser.

EMAIL SUPPORT: To help prevent issues receiving account activation emails and competition updates, please add to your safe senders list. Your email provider or security service will be able to provide details on how to do this.

If you are still having trouble, do drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For more information about the 500 Words competition, please read our FAQ and Rules pages.