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10 tips to cope with stressful deadlines

Have you got a deadline looming at work, school or uni? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Jess Baker, business psychologist and women's leadership coach, gave BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast her top tips on how to deal with deadline stress.

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1. Stress is completely normal.

"Console yourself that it’s normal to feel anxious about a deadline.

"We like to get things done, and the simple fact of having incomplete tasks can make us feel uncomfortable."

2. Know your work style

"Do you prepare in advance or leave things until the minute?

"Being aware of this can help you better manage your stress levels."

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3. Remember your successes

"Recalling the times you’ve hit previous deadlines is a good way to reassure yourself that ‘you’ve got this!’"

4. Anxiety causes us to be highly self-critical

"You might think 'I’m useless, lazy, never finish things on time'. One way to tame your inner critic is to think of examples that prove it wrong."

5. Talk about it

"It’s human to worry in situations when we can’t be certain of the outcome."

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"We tend to believe we are they only ones feeling this way, and don't want be labelled as the ‘sensitive’ or ‘stressed’ person who can’t cope.

"But speaking to a trusted friend, colleague or coach can help relieve your tension."

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6. Can the deadline be extended?

"You might not be the only one who thinks it’s a tight deadline, or you might have to negotiate.

"State the impact on your metal health, if you are anxious you can’t fully focus on the job."

7. Prioritise your tasks

"What has to happen first?

"Are there things that will take longer you need to act on now?"

8. Manage your time

"Review your timelines with more experienced colleagues, asking if there’s a more efficient approach to doing the job."

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9. Manage other people’s expectations

"Get agreement from others on your approach early on in the process.

"Sharing responsibility will help lighten your load."

10. And finally, just breathe!

"We tend to hold tension in our bodies which can make us experience aches and pains.

"So practice breathing techniques to help calm your nervous system."