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Frequently asked questions

We frequently receive emails asking about auditions, autographs and tours so we’ve put all the useful information in one place.

What is River City?

River City is BBC Scotland’s flagship drama. It follows the lives and loves of the residents of Shieldinch, a fictional suburb of Glasgow. It’s been running since September 2002, and is one of BBC Scotland’s most popular shows.

The residents of Sheildinch have experienced countless births, deaths and marriages and there’s always more drama to come! River City has featured actors such as Neighbours star Stefan Dennis, Hollywood’s Maurice Roeves and Doctor Who’s Louise Jameson. Stars such as ITV’s Lorraine Kelly, Radio 1’s Scott Mills and celebrity wrestler Grado have also found their way to Montego Street.

The show’s going from strength to strength, and can now be enjoyed anywhere in the UK using BBC iPlayer.

When is River City on TV?

River City is on BBC One Scotland on Tuesdays at 8pm. And you can ‘see it first’ on the BBC Scotland channel at 10pm on Mondays.

Where can I discuss River City?

Over on our official social media channels, you’ll find the only place for real behind-the-scenes photographs, news and gossip from Shieldinch. You can interact with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I don’t live in Scotland! How can I watch River City?

You can watch River City anywhere in the UK, using BBC iPlayer. River City is available for 29 days after transmission and can be watched online, or downloaded to any compatible device.

How do I book a tour of the set?

The River City Tours only take place during the summer break in filming and must be booked in advance. More information about the next tours.

How can I get a part on River City?

Normally, to get a part on any BBC TV show, including River City, you would need to have had some kind of formal training and be represented by an agent. An agent will look for work on your behalf, leaving you to concentrate on developing your acting! Occasionally, casting directors might visit a school or a theatre group to search for actors. The best advice is to get as much experience as you can - get involved with local drama groups or community theatre. It's a difficult business to get into so you need a lot of determination!

How can I be an extra?

River City recruits extras through agencies. We're afraid we can't recommend any specific companies but suggest you use industry publications for advice. Be careful who you give your personal details to and do make sure the agency is reputable before considering signing up.

Where is Shieldinch? Is it a real place?

Shieldinch is actually a set which originally consisted of four tenement blocks, a pub, a café, shops and a boatyard. This took around eight months to build and was created especially for the show. It is based on a number of different places in and around the west end of Glasgow, like Whiteinch and Partick. However the bustling community has since grown to also include a nightclub, restaurant, subway station and much more.

Where is River City filmed?

The set is built on the site of old whisky warehouses in Dumbarton. Location shots are sometimes filmed around the city. In times where the drama leaves Shieldinch, picturesque Loch Lomond and surrounding areas have been used previously.

When did River City begin?

The first episode aired on Tuesday 24 September, 2002, and featured Eileen and Tommy's wedding.

Is the beer in the Tall Ship real?

All drinks shown are non-alcoholic and purely for entertainment purposes only.

What subway station is used as the Shieldinch underground?

It really is Shieldinch station! The subway exterior was made especially for River City. Unfortunately it doesn’t go anywhere.

How can I get work experience at River City?

Unfortunately there isn’t any work experience specific to River City. However, you can apply for work experience with the BBC.

How can I get a job at the BBC?

Vacancies are advertised on BBC Careers.

How can I contact you?

For all queries regarding River City Official Merchandise please visit

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