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The locations - episode two

  • Checchino restaurant, Monte Testaccio, Rome, Italy

  • Utrecht University, Netherlands

  • Segovia, Spain

  • Baena, Andalusia, Spain

  • Seville, Spain

  • Giralda Bell Tower, Seville, Spain

  • British Museum (amphorae)

  • Italica, Spain

  • MAN Museum, Madrid, Spain (Urso Tablets)

  • Mazzaron Mines, Spain

  • National Archaeological Museum (MAN), Madrid, Spain (Child tombstone)

  • British Museum, London (Roman coins)

  • Pantheon, Rome, Italy

  • British Museum (Roman pottery)

  • Hierapolis, Turkey (Zeuxis tombstone)

  • Ephesus, Turkey

  • Ephesus Museum, Turkey

Mary by the Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain.
Mary in front of the library in Ephesus, Turkey.
Mary in Tivoli, Italy.