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Brick from demolition of Spandau Prison

This brick was salvaged when Spandau Prison was demolished in 1987.

The owner of this brick used to be a soldier many years ago. In 1987, he was in Berlin when they dismantled Spandau Prison. The rubble from the demolition of the prison was all dumped, but this brick was saved.

Spandau Prison was where seven Third Reich Nazis were imprisoned after the Nuremberg Trials, including Rudolf Hess. It's almost impossible to value this piece of history. From the point of view of the brick, it's worth almost nothing, but as a piece of history, a militaria collector might be willing to pay around £100 for it.

Did you know? Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess made a solo flight to Scotland on 10 May 1941, in what he said was a peace mission. He was detained as a prisoner of war.