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Straightforward steps to save you money at the petrol pump

11 June 2019

The cost of filling up the car can be a huge drain on a household budget. For many of us it’s unavoidable: a costly necessity to help us go about our daily lives. But there are ways to get around paying so much at the petrol pump.

Making subtle changes to our driving style can make a big difference to our fuel consumption, explained driving instructor James Coutts on Clever about Cash. And it starts with early observation on the road.

“A car will use the most fuel at the point where it’s taking off from a dead start,” said James. “So if you can plan ahead and anticipate a situation [such as] coming up to a roundabout or a queue of traffic, if you can convert a few stopping situations into slowing down ones, that’s going to make a massive difference to your fuel efficiency.”

How to drive more economically

Driving instructor James Coutts reveals how simple changes can help you save cash.

Tips to help you save fuel

James shared his tips for maximising fuel efficiency:

  • Decelerate. Ease off the gas when you can;
  • Use gears efficiently;
  • Anticipate. Keep the car moving so you don’t have to slow down or stop;
  • Use the rev counter as a guide of when to change gears;
  • Don’t carry excess weight;
  • Start journeys facing forward. Reverse is the worst gear for wasting fuel, so if you have to reverse do it when then engine is warm at the end of a journey;
  • Keep tyres inflated correctly. The engine has to work harder if they’re soft.

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