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My Dad, The Superhero

by Owen Hamblin

My Dad, The Superhero

Read by Emilio Doorgasingh from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

My Daddy, the superhero

I'm sure my dad is a secret super hero. I haven't told anyone, but i know it must be true.

Like the way he always manages to find a really cool parking space at the supermarket with his super navigational skills, even on a busy Saturday afternoon!

Daddy is ace at spinning the supermarket trolley around and is so quick, mummy and i have to chase after him! He hides like a secret spy by the magazine racks while mummy and i tick off the shopping list and appears like magic when we have finished, to help fill up the boot.

My Daddy is a super hero footballer - as quick as a ninja as he tackles me to get the ball in the net. He can make secret dens out of blankets and planks of wood .We talk about our top secret missions to fight aliens from out of space. Daddy says his arch enemies are weeds sent from another planet to destroy our garden.

My Daddy has secret powers. He has super sonic hearing. He can hear through walls when i am playing in my bed at night when i should be sleeping and shouts upstairs to tell me to close my eyes and go to sleep. He must have xray eyes too,to see through walls and into my bedroom because he knows when my bedroom needs to be tidied before he even goes in! How does he do that?
My Daddy has super building skills. He can make all sorts of secret agent gadgets from lego. Like a special sweet detector that knew where sweeties had been hidden and a special lego zoo for my dinosaurs so they don't escape in the middle of the night. Amazing!

Like all super heroes, my Daddy has a side kick called Marvellous Morris. He is disguised as a cat, but like all super heroes, he has special powers to jump off high walls and practices catching baddies by chasing after the leaves in the garden.

My Daddy has special healing powers. He only has to kiss my bump better and the pain goes away. When the monsters and baddies fill my dreams and make me wake up, my Daddy has the super powers to make them go away with a cuddle and a story.
My Daddy is definitely a super hero. His disguise must be very good, because i am the only one who has discovered his secret. Well, maybe Mummy has because i'm sure i heard her say that he is her 'special one and only'. Anyway, even if he didn't have super powers, i will always love my Daddy, because he is MY superhero.

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