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The word that wouldn't come out - SILVER WINNER

by Robyn

The Word That Wouldn't Come Out

Read by Jane Slavin from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

I am a word. An ordinary, plain, word. I am the word “and”, I told you I was nothing important. I live inside a brain, owned by an 8 year old girl called Bella. You might not know this but all words live in a brain pond. A brain pond is like a normal pond except there are no fish, there are only words instead. The pond in Bella’s head is very cramped, because she reads a lot. There are always words falling in our pond, like rain. When she’s is reading a good book the words come down like hailstones. Me and my friend “the” like to swim together, because we’re the same size, and we like to avoid big words like “because” and “explosion”, everyone tries to avoid crashing into words like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

Bella’s brain pond is extremely comfy in comparison to most other peoples, so some of the words don’t want to come out, including me. This means Bella stutters. The big, squishy, slimy thing comes from Bella’s mouth fishing for certain words and sometimes it pulls me out. Bella calls it a tongue. There are these big white guards just before the exit and that’s where I like to hide. Bella’s tongue wants to push me out, except I don’t want to go out. I like to hide behind the big square guards right at the back. Sometimes she finds me there and get’s the first bit of me out, but then I dart back in again and hide behind the pointy ones right in the middle. Bella tries again but I try behind the rectangular ones at the front. That means that Bella sounds like this “a….a….a….a”.

When I am being really tricksy and good at hiding Bella takes a deep breath and it gets really windy. I try my best to cling on to the guards in front of me but it’s too hard and I get sucked to the very back of Bella’s mouth. By this time all the other words in the sentence are getting angry and try to push me out. “The” says “come on we’re getting impatient”, “is” says “get out of here”, and “story” says “hurry up slow coach”. I argue with them and the wind gets stronger and stronger until eventually Bella breaths out, the words behind me push too hard, and I come exploding out like a bullet

….”and this is the end of the story”

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