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Unrequited love, or a crush, is when you have feelings for someone who doesn't feel the same way or doesn't know how you feel. And it usually hurts!

Unrequited love happens to pretty much everyone at some point

The misery

Love is a beautiful thing, right? Not when it's unrequited. That's when you're totally head over heels about someone and they have no idea or - even worse - they know but aren't interested.

If they just have no idea you like them...

You have two options: take the plunge and let them know, or else accept that nothing will ever happen.

You can't carry on letting your life revolve around someone who hasn't got a clue that you like them. It will only lead to heartache when they cheerily tell you about their hot new girlfriend or boyfriend. Our page on Chatting Up Skills can give you a few ideas about how to let them know how you feel!

If they know, but they don't feel the same way...

It can feel like the end of the world. But the heartache will eventually fade along with your feelings for this person.

Don't feel embarrassed that they know how you feel. It's far better to make your feelings known than to spend your life wondering 'What if...'

Think of it like this: if it was the other way round would you think the person was sad and desperate, or would you feel flattered and touched?

It's not your fault, OK?

Don't beat yourself up wondering why they don't like you back.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, but there's also nothing you can do to change their mind. You need to start enjoying all the things you enjoyed before they came along.

And remember, you're not alone. Unrequited love happens to pretty much everyone at some point and experiencing it now just means that when you are loved back by someone (and fear not, one day you will be!), you will appreciate it even more!

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