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About Radio 1 Stories

Radio 1 Stories is where you can find the deepest, and truest investigations and explorations of the musicians, bands, scenes, eras, records, and cultural phenomena that have made the greatest contributions to shaping the musical world that we know today.

The documentary format has been a cornerstone of the station's programming since its inception. Over the years it has taken listeners on journeys to the studios where the greats have recorded, to the venues where they performed, onto their tour buses as they criss-cross America and to their bedsits where they've been avoiding the bailiffs after it all went wrong.

In recent years Radio 1 Stories has covered the tales of Jay Z, Pendulum, John Peel, The Mighty Boosh, Metallica, Muse, The Clash, Daft Punk, and Mark Ronson amongst many others.

In addition, every year there is a bi-annual series of stories where we travel with Radio 1 DJ's as they ply their trade across the planet. In these shows the listeners have gone with Pete Tong to Brazil, Judge Jules to St. Petersberg, Mary Anne Hobbs to Malawi, Gilles Peterson to Tokyo and Istanbul, Kissy Sellout to Paris and Kutski to Berlin.