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Vic Galloway – 25 Scottish Artists to Watch in 2019

End of year lists are fun and all that… They remind us of all the records we’ve loved and those we’ve missed, but looking forward to new music is just as important. Here’s another attempt at crystal-ball gazing with a few Scottish acts who will hopefully turn some heads in 2019. Some you might know and some you won’t, but all are worth checking out…

In alphabetical order:

And loads of others I’ve no doubt missed out… Anyway, keep checking the weekly radio shows, live sessions, iPlayer specials and podcasts via BBC Sounds.

All the best for 2019!

Vic xxx

Cloth - Disciples

Tame Impala cover - short but sweet.

Joseph Malik Session

Edinburgh soul-man Joseph Malik is in session with Vic.

Free Love - How Do You Feel

Give the gift of Free love this Christmas.