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Cats listening to Radio 4

Dear reader, we asked you to send us pictures of your feline friends listening to their favourite radio station. We're purr-leased to say the results were spect-cat-ular!

05:58 - Tweet of the Day

"My cat doing some research" - @Tei1H0ward
"The purr-fect start to her day" - @GBosanko
"Sim listens to Tweet of the Day" - @1katya

09:00 - Caturday Live

"Rhubarb favours a quiet spot to enjoy Saturday Live" - @captjaneway

09:45 - Book of the Week

"Here's Jeoffry, enjoying Julian Barnes' rumination on Cezanne" - @BetheneyU

10:00 - Woman’s Meower

"Sybil's nodded off waiting to hear if she's on the Woman's Hour Power List" - @Lucyvfreeman

12:04 - Home Front

"What's this? The Slaney Kittehs have taken over #bbchomefront! #dreamcometrue" - @ClassicKitteh

12:30 - The Mews Quiz

"Margaret already missing Sandi Toksvig" - @Vertical_Cat
"Oran & Harlequin enjoyed the last episode of The Mews Quiz" - @JadelynS
"Sandi Toksvig has left BBC Radio 4 news quiz! Miaow! How will I enjoy it without her?!" - @OurCatGodfrey

14:00 - The Archers

Tom the cat in Macclesfield
"The Lady listening to her favourite Radio 4 program, The Archers" - @jmandreis
"Our cat Nige, fave show The Archers wants to know if there is a possible role for her?" - @darrenj224

15:00 - Gardeners’ Question Time

"Gardeners' Question Time for Lucy" - @RuthInnes
"Today Bingo is hosting Gardeners' Question Time" - @maggie_colledge
"Mr. Baldrick" - @sierracharlie1

16:30 - Feedcat

"Radio 4 puts Larry to sleep" - @GuyPhenix

17:00 – Purr M (with Eddie Hair-ball)

Ellie the cat
"Zoe has a huge crush on Eddie Meower" - @Looneymoni

18:30 - The Meow Show

"Biscuit, on the other hand, would rather be listening to The Meow Show" - @Lynn_Shepherd

23:00 - The John Maloney Show

"Since his debut on BBC Radio 4, Edward has become quite precious about publicity photos" - @johnjmoloney

What to do with a stressed cat…

What to do with a stressed cat…

John Moloney has a stressed, self-harming cat. It’s his job to deal with it.

All that's left to say is a big thank you to the talented feline producers behind the shows...

Tilly editing a special edition of Furday presented by Edward Purrton.
Saoirse working on an episode of Claw in Action with Joshua Pawzenberg

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