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Vic Galloway – 25 Scottish Artists to Watch in 2021

After what has been a hellish year for us all, let’s hope the forthcoming 12 months is going to see a full renaissance for live shows, festivals and releases, to breathe life back into a music community that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Come on 2021!

Every year I compile a list of interesting, up and coming Scottish artists that I think people should keep an eye on. As 2020 was such a write-off and no-one could do much, I’ve included a few acts from last year’s list here.

Obviously a load of others will no doubt make essential new music for us all too, but here are a few names to watch...

In alphabetical order:

  1. Alex Amor
  2. Berta Kennedy
  3. Chlobocop
  4. Cosmic Eyes & The Colliders
  5. Dead Pony
  6. Dunt
  7. Escape Roots
  8. Geography of the Moon
  9. Heir of the Cursed
  10. Kinbote
  11. Kitti
  12. Leif Coffield
  13. Lizzie Reid
  14. Luke La Volpe
  15. Medicine Cabinet
  16. Memes
  17. Moy
  18. Nathan Somevi
  19. Nova Scotia The Truth
  20. Retro Video Club
  21. Ruby Gaines
  22. Salad Culture
  23. Spyres
  24. Sulka
  25. Vagrant Real Estate

For new and classic alternative music from Scotland and beyond, keep checking the weekly radio shows live on air every Monday and via BBC Sounds.

All the best for 2021 – let’s hope it’s a lot better than 2020!


Vic xxx

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