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The cast of The Archers join the solidari-tea movement for Helen and real-life victims of abuse

Thousands of people have joined together in a movement of solidari-tea with Helen and people who have experienced abuse. Here in Ambridge, we joined in too...

Strength, courage and solidari-tea from Louiza Patikas aka Helen

He may play Rob, but Timothy Watson is entirely in solidari-tea with #FreeHelen

"Standing in solidari-tea" - Annabelle Dowler aka Helen's amazing friend Kirsty

Our venerable member of the jury - Dennis aka Graham Seed known to us as our Nigel

Carolyn Jones aka Ursula Titchener ...

The only woman who can genuinely #FreeHelen - Isobel Middleton aka Anna Tregorran

When even Hazel Woolley supports #FreeHelen...

Patricia Gallimore aka Pat shows her support en route to Ambridge...

PC Burns aka James Cartwright raises a solidari-tea brew

Group solidari-tea from Ian Pepperell (Roy) and Will Troughton (Tom)

"Words can be as damaging as fists" - Trial Week writer Tim Stimpson

With heaps of solidari-tea for Helen, it's Stephen Kennedy aka Ian

Straight from The Ambridge Solidari-Tea Room - Joanna Van Kampen aka Fallon Rogers

Susan may have her doubts, but Charlotte Martin is staunchly #FreeHelen

Ryan Kelly aka Jazzer raises his Archers mug in solidari-tea

And Marley! Ryan's dog. Even our furry friends support the cause

A fitting solidari-g-and-tea from our Lilian (aka Sunny Ormonde)

A fitting herbal tea raised by Perdita Avery aka Kate

"For all those trapped in coercive, controlling or abusive relationships" - Barry Farrimond aka Ed Grundy.

And here's Lucy Morris aka Phoebe

Tim Bentinck aka David Archer takes a break from recording for a cup of solidari-tea

Judy Bennett and Charles Collingwood aka Shula and Brian raise a cup (no meat-paste sandwiches)

Scriptwriter Keri Davies with solidari-tea for the most important story he's ever been part of

Our amazing Archers production co-ordinators - their hard work keeps the show going

And our brilliant production team take a studio break in solidari-tea