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Today Puzzle #656

Puzzle No. 656 – Friday 17 January

"Stick with Maths" is the new pack of free resources for primary aged children from Premier League Primary Stars. Combining Bobby Seagull's love of maths with football sticker stats, here is a typical question.

You are a Player Liaison Officer and have been asked to drive three Liverpool strikers to a training session. Disaster! You have a problem with your car suspension and can only take the two lightest strikers.

Salah and Mané together weigh 140kg.

Firmino and Salah together weigh 147kg.

Mané and Firmino together weight 145kg.

What is the weight of each player? Who will be left behind?

Today’s #PuzzleForToday has been set by Bobby Seagull, school maths teacher, author and Cambridge University Doctorate student.

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Salah - 71kg

Mané - 69kg

Firmino - 76kg

As Firmino is the heaviest player, he will be left behind.

There are multiple methods to solve, including trial and improvement. You can set up simultaneous equations:

S + M = 140 (1)

F + S = 147 (2)

M + F = 145 (3)

S = 140 - M

S = 147 - F

So 140 - M = 147 - F

F - M = 7. F = M + 7

M + M + 7 = 145

Then solve for M = 69. F = 76. S = 71

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