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Beating Beyoncé to an Emmy is just the start of this comedian's meteoric rise

Winning the Edinburgh Comedy Prize in 2017 for her soul-baring show Nanette put Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby firmly on the comedy map – with the show gaining fans across the world after it appeared on Netflix.

Hannah has created a new show Douglas – named after her dog – that aims to give her new legion another slice of comedy magic.

“This show was written in the same spirit as Nanette in that I don’t mind if this doesn’t work. I’m going to take some risks and say what I really think about the topics I talk about.”

Hannah Gadsby on the follow up to her award-winning Netflix special

The Australian comedian spoke to Grant Stott about her new show 'Douglas'.

Grant Stott spoke to the Australian comedian on The Afternoon Show to find out more about her new show and hear just how much Nanette changed her life.

Nanette was billed as Gadsby's departure from comedy, but if anything, the success of the show winning the Edinburgh Comedy Prize and becoming massively popular on Netflix has done quite the opposite.

So what were Hannah's thoughts on the hugely positive reaction Nanette got?

“To be perfectly honest, it was deeply humbling... to have it so widely appreciated was a really wonderful thing.”

The pinnacle of the success of Nanette was when it beat Beyoncé's Homecoming to win the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special – something Hannah sees as being an amazing consequence of Nanette's success.

“It’s a ridiculous cherry on top”

Following a smash hit show is something some comedians can be phased by, but not Gadsby:

“I felt the best way to deal with [pressure] is to go with it.

Hannah showcasing her award-winning stand up

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