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Making the Series

We don’t often think of it this way, but we spend our lives hurtling around the Sun at 64,000 mph (100,000 kmh) on a spinning ball of rock. Each year we travel 584 million miles, to end up… back where we started. In this series, presenters Kate Humble and Dr. Helen Czerski follow the Earth around the Sun for one complete orbit to witness the astonishing and varied consequences this journey has for us all.

Filming started on the day of Perihelion, the point in the Earth’s orbit when it is closest to the Sun. Since then the presenters faced the extremes of Earth’s weather and visited locations that unraveled fascinating tales about our planet.

The series aims to show the most dramatic natural phenomena that result from our planet’s orbit around the Sun. From the shattering of a frozen waterfall to the awesome, destructive power of a tornado, Kate and Helen travel the world to explain the relationship between our journey through space and the natural world.

In the Egyptian desert, Kate visits the “Cave of Swimmers” (made famous by the film “The English Patient”), and shows how the extraordinary rock art reveals a time when the Earth’s orbit was subtly different to today.

Helen takes a parachute jump over Arizona to reveal how the Earth’s spin creates a band of deserts at the same latitude all around the planet.

It took a year to make and it's a series that links our lives on Earth to the cosmos, through a greater understanding of our planet’s annual journey through space.