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Free the Word: On the huh

28 September 2017

On the huh by Rebecca Watts

BBC Radio Suffolk

On the huh by Rebecca Watts

Def: Lopsided; wonky. Suggested by listeners to Radio Suffolk

Back home, I ponder the philosopher’s words: Out of humanity’s crooked wood no straight thing can emerge. It’s right enough: life happens in a roundabout way. And straight lines meander. And time is a curve.

def | lopsided, askew.

Whilst some words such as geg in are relatively recent additions to a region’s vocabulary, on the huh has its roots in Old English... its use is now restricted to Norfolk and Suffolk, where it is still going strong... Looking at current examples of the phrase we can see that alcohol is often a cause of people and things being on the huh and indeed it is the name of a beer produced by a Norfolk brewery.

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