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Scottish fishermen inadvertently reveal a talent for modelling

High fashion editors take note! The fishermen of Peterhead appear to be naturals in front of the lens.

For the second series of popular TV series Fish Town cameras return to the UK’s biggest fishing port, Peterhead, where these fellas work at sea and on land to put fish on our plates.

There are definitely some "Magnum" looks in there and some "smizing". If we didn't know better we'd think they were all in the running to become Scotland's Next Top Fisherman Model.

Rookie fisherman Gavin Burnett in Peterhead harbour
Trawler skipper Adam Robertson
Adam Robertson on deck
Mark Robertson, owner of the trawlers Zenith and Zephyr
Skipper Davie Milne on board his new boat, Faithlie
Father and son fishermen Mark and Adam Robertson
Rookie skipper David Clark
David Clark onshore
Rookie fisherman Gavin Burnett in Peterhead Harbour

The guys may look relaxed in front of the camera, but theirs is one of the toughest jobs around. Throughout the year they spend long periods at sea, braving often treacherous conditions, as they search for a good haul.

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