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Eggs Collective: Smile Love It Might Never Happen

25 April 2019

Eggs Collective – Sara Cocker, Lowri Evans and Léonie Higgins – are a Manchester-based trio whose hit Edinburgh Fringe shows were followed by 2017 BBC Two pilot Get a Round. Now they return with Smile Love It Might Never Happen, their offbeat take on the legendary shops of TV comedies.

Eggs Collective's (l to r) Lowri Evans, Sara Cocker and Léonie Higgins in Smile Love It Might Not Happen | Image © BBC

Smile Love It Might Never Happen: Dirty

It’s cleaning day in Eggs Collective’s shop and a suspicious stain causes a dilemma.


It doesn't need to be vacuum cleaner – it could be vacuum clean-him.

It’s cleaning day in the shop – Lowri is keen to save the planet, Sara wants to dance with her broom, and Léonie wants to end the myth that cleaning is for women.

When Lowri spots a suspicious stain, scrubbing turns to sleuthing: how did it get there and whose job is it to clean it off?

Smile Love It Might Never Happen: Packages

It's not delivery day, but three unwanted packages turn up in Eggs Collective's shop.


I'm the kinda guy who supports women in business
Regular Joe

Three mysterious packages arrive at the shop and once the masking tape is ripped off and the contents are revealed, Sara, Lowri and Léonie are overwhelmed by what’s inside.

The day turns into a tedious version of Jumanji as the exasperated trio attempt to wrangle the unwanted cargo back into the boxes.

Smile Love It Might Never Happen: Staff Do

It’s party time but the annual report isn’t done. Will Eggs Collective get out on time?

Staff Do

I, for one, would be gutted to see those crisps go to waste.

It’s the end of term in the shop and everyone’s ready to get the party started, but disaster strikes when Lowri reveals she hasn’t done the end of year report.

Léonie’s fuming. Sara suggests opening the cheap wine and getting the paperwork together so they can still get out and party – it’s just an end of year report, how complicated can it be?

Eggs Collective also appeared on BBC Two's critically-acclaimed Get a Round, based on their 2017 Edinburgh Fringe show | Image © BBC

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