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The Big Yellow Frilly Knickers

by Amelie Clayden, aged 8

The Big Yellow Frilly Knickers by Amelie Clayden

Read by Jane Slavin from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

It was a bad day for hair, but a great day for drying washing. The wind was whistling at the windows and drumming at the doors. A jolly woman wearing a flowery dress and a blue scarf in her hair rushed outside with a basket full of wet washing. Fumbling with the pegs she attempted to hang it on the wavy washing line as fast as she could. Shorts, trousers, t-shirts and one pair of big yellow frilly knickers were dancing on the line, as though they were at a disco.

A big gust of wind that seemed to echo across the land blew at the washing. The shirts whizzed round and round, the trousers looked like they were running away and the big yellow frilly knickers blew clean off the line and into the town ahead.

It happened so, on that very day, a young man was proposing to his girlfriend at Luigi’s restaurant in the town square. As the man reached for the engagement ring and opened his mouth for his well prepared speech, the big yellow frilly knickers landed on the ring. It was as if he was suggesting that his girlfriend wore the knickers as a token of her love for him. Horrified, the girlfriend fled in tears with the young man trailing after her. The big yellow frilly knickers flew on down the street.

Meanwhile a nosey old man was driving his little brown car, his head poking over the steering wheel. The old man opened his window and squeezed his head through the gap to look at a chef running after the young man who had left his restaurant without paying. The old man popped his head back in to find the big yellow frilly knickers had landed on his windscreen. He began swinging his head side to side, ducking and reaching, trying to see the road ahead. He flicked on the windscreen wipers and the big yellow frilly knickers screeched across the windscreen, until they pinged off and landed on the young man’s face. In fact, the force of the big yellow frilly knickers was so fierce, that it knocked the young man to the ground.

The wind was beginning to drop and it was as though the big yellow frilly knickers knew they had to get home. They drifted through the sky like dandelion seeds. They got caught briefly on the jolly woman’s TV aerial which interrupted her dog training programme, but prompted her into the garden to collect her washing. One last breeze carried the big yellow frilly knickers down and gently back onto the peg they had blown free from. Home not just in time for dinner, not just in time for tea, but just in time to be collected in and put back in the drawer with the rest of the big frilly knickers.

Oh, as for the young man. He settled his bill before finding his girlfriend, who eventually said yes (but not to big yellow frilly knickers!)

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