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The Team Behind Personal Best

Gillian Russell - Presenter

I do a bit of everything – cycling, running, swimming, gym, skiing … none to any great level of expertise (I’m a kind of Gill Of All Trades And Master Of None!) but I do enjoy keeping fit. Always have done. So when I got asked to present a programme on fitness and health I jumped at the chance!

There seems to be a huge appetite out there for keeping fit – both mentally and physically – and a real desire to try out new things, to take part in events, to expand our knowledge, to be inspired. To achieve our personal best, basically. I’m game if you are!

Suzy Beaumont - Producer

I’ve been a producer with BBC Radio Scotland for 15 years now and have worked on a range of programmes and subject matter. People and their personal stories have always been at the heart of my programme making. It fascinates me what people can survive, cope with and achieve, some of the stories I’ve covered have been truly inspiring. So when I was asked to produce ‘Personal Best’ and cover more stories of people achieving their goals I was delighted because I really get to explore the psychology of what makes people tick.

I’m also someone who has always enjoyed being active and on the go, but never had any structure to my exercise routine, until I got into running. I’d always been that person who said “no way, I couldn’t run the length of myself, that’s not for me” but a friend encouraged me to try and running transformed my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do marathons or compete in events, I run for two reasons, 1) so I can eat chocolate and get away with it and 2) for good mental health. I found the effects of exercise hugely beneficial on my mood and even if I’ve ached for the entire run, I can’t help but feel high and happy at the end of it and trust me, there is nothing like running in the rain to make you feel alive. Bonkers I know!

I also enjoy the river kayaking & surfing so producing a show like ‘Personal Best’ really is right up my street.