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Thinking of going wild camping? Here are some tips

By Calum MacLean // BBC The Social Contributor // 13 August 2020

Wild camping is one of my favourite things to do.

From chilling out beside a loch, to getting lost in the wild and watching sunset in the mountains, it’s no wonder it’s becoming more popular than ever.

With so many outdoor options in Scotland, we can go wherever we like, but we can’t do whatever we like.

The most important bit? Leave no trace. Whatever you carry in, you carry back out.

In 2017, Camping Management Byelaws were introduced in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs with the aim to help preserve and protect our national parks from the environmental impact of visitors.

The freedom we’ve got here for camping is special, and it’s almost like a superpower. But as a wise person once said: “with great power comes great responsibility”, well I think it was in Spiderman actually, but it’s true.

Here’s my top tips, so that you and everybody in Scotland can benefit from wild camping.

Tips For Wild Camping

Don't be a dirty camper

Choose your spot wisely

Keep your tent away from houses, farms, buildings, even other campers.

It means you can have a cheeky skinny dip and no-ones going to see, but most importantly, you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s shitey music coming from their tents.

Avoid making fires

Take a stove, not only is it way less hassle than a fire, it means you’re not going to accidentally burn down a forest and leave some poor little animals homeless.

Toilet Etiquette

And that age-old question, does a wild camper shit in the woods? Well… sometimes you have to. But remember: 50 metres from water, dig a hole and bury it, and your paper – either burn it or carry it out.

The last thing you’d want turning up at a campsite is someone else’s old, disgusting loo roll hanging round.

Leave No Trace

And the most important bit? Leave no trace. Whatever you carry in, you carry back out. Even if you get mauled by midgies, and your tent is wrecked by the wind and the rain – I mean, it is Scotland. It should be like you were never there…