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Sing along on Easter Sunday Worship to Thine be the Glory

Would you like to be part of the virtual congregation singing "Thine be the Glory" – the last hymn on Easter Sunday Worship with the Archbishop of Canterbury?

Full instructions on how you can send in a recording and sing along at home to organist Graham Eccles’s recording are below. We will mix together as many contributions as we can to make a virtual congregation which will be heard on Radio 4's Easter Sunday Worship and will also feature on the Church of England’s video of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter Message.

We will try to include as many people as possible, but we can’t guarantee your recording will be used. Deadline for submissions: midday, Wednesday 8 April.

Tips for recording

You will require two Smart devices such as a smart phone or tablet:

  • One device to play back the organ recording and
  • One device to record your singing

You will also require some headphone/earphones to plug into the playback device and music and words printed out or displayed on a screen.

How to make and submit your recording

1. Find a Quiet Space...

... with soft furnishings e.g. sofa/bed/carpeted floor. Avoid small rooms with echo, especially the bathroom.

Download the music and words. Then print out or display on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

2. Set up your playback machine

Download the organ recording.

Plug in your headphones/earphones. Set the volume to a comfortable level (but not too loud) that you can hear while singing.

3. Set up your recording machine

Please use the video recording feature. However we are only using the sound you record. The video will not be used so you don’t actually need to be "on camera".

Place your recorder on a soft, secure surface eg a cushion on a table, and sit with your mouth about an arm’s length away.

We only require one recording!

4. Recording

Put on your headphones. Press record on the device and ensure the microphone is facing your mouth (microphones are usually at the bottom edge of phones/tablets next to the charging socket.)

Using your playback device, press play on the organ track.

Sing along to the organ recording. Please sing in harmony or just the tune as you prefer. There is an introduction of about 15 seconds and a short pause before verse one. There are two verses. Your mouth should be level with the microphone and about an arm's length away.

When finished, press stop on the recording device.

Listen back to the recording to hear how it sounds. If there are intrusive noises (bangs or clatters for example) please try again.

Upload the file to the BBC Uploader link here.

Read the Privacy Notice for the BBC Radio 4 Sunday Morning Virtual Choir Uploader.

The accompaniment: listen and download

Thine be the Glory

Graham Eccles plays G F Handel's hymn tune, "Maccabeus".