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Report into how KwikFit have been charging for nitrogen filled tyres, but only using air

KwikFit said:

“Our aim is to be transparent with our customers and provide them with the best possible service. We accept that in this case we have fallen short of the standards our customers expect from us and we apologise for that.

Benefits of nitrogen

“The benefits of nitrogen inflation are proven with studies showing that tyres filled with nitrogen hold their pressure for longer and do not age as quickly as those filled with air, helping to maintain good tyre performance such as better handling, rolling resistance and durability.

“Many motorists do not regularly check their tyre pressures and so any measure which reduces the natural loss of pressure will help decrease tyre wear. Clearly, slowing a tyre’s ageing will also save motorists money as their tyres last longer.

Pricing and quotes

“Kwik Fit quotes and charges all-inclusive prices, as this is what our customers tell us they want. The prices charged to the BBC researchers were the same all-inclusive prices which were quoted up front, with nothing added subsequently. However, we acknowledge that we could have been more detailed regarding the fact that the quoted price included nitrogen inflation at £1.50, and we are taking steps to improve this transparency.

Service levels

“We are very concerned if customers have not received what they pay for and unreservedly apologise to any customer affected.

“We believe in the safety benefits of nitrogen, which is why we have invested in the machines and spend around £400,000 a year ensuring they are calibrated regularly. We have assessed all the machines at the centres Watchdog visited and all are working effectively and delivering the correct concentration of nitrogen.

“Above the investment in the nitrogen inflation machines and their regular servicing and calibration, there is no additional cost whether a centre fills none, one or twenty tyres a day with nitrogen. It therefore does not reduce our costs to fill an individual tyre with air rather than nitrogen.

Kwik Fit’s action

“In light of the findings, we are carrying out retraining to ensure that all our centre staff fully understand the benefits of nitrogen and ensure that all customers receive the standard of service which they would expect.

“We are keen to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the service they have received, so if any customers worry that their tyres have not been filled to the correct concentration, we would invite them to return to one of our centres. On production of their receipt we will refill their tyres to ensure they contain the correct level of nitrogen and also provide them with a £5 voucher by way of apology.

“Furthermore, while we review our procedures across all our centres, where it is available we will be offering nitrogen inflation free of charge to any Kwik Fit customer.”