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You'll NEVER guess how much of your life you actually waste

As humans, we are the ULTIMATE time wasters, Don't deny it, we all are.

But have you ever actually wondered exactly how much time you're spending on the daily things that we do over and over again?

Well we're about to drop a truth bomb on you, and it ain't pretty..

Watching TV - 9.1 years

So those binge-watching sessions of Pretty Little Liars is adding up to about 10% of your life.


Snoozing - 25 years

We tuck ourselves up and snooze for a quarter of our lifetimes.

Trying to lose weight - 17 years

Apparently women spend this much time being on some diet or another while we try and shed pounds.

That’s srsly eating into our TV watching time.

Cooking- 2.5 years

Credit: Instagram/CalvinHarris

So heating up beans and popping bread in the toaster adds up to 30 months? Someone get us a personal chef. Please and thanks.

The bathroom - 1.5 years

Putting on that make-up, brushing your teeth, showering and whatever else you do in the bathroom takes a whopping 18 months.

Toilet business - 92 days

This data provides a very real argument for a TV in the toilet.

Picking your outfits – 1 year

Choosing what you are heading out the house in takes a year of our lives. TBH if you’ve seen us on a Saturday, we’re shocked it’s not longer.

Kissing - 14 days

Credit: Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Now does this include how often we kiss our ‘pillow Shawn Mendes’? JK LOL. *cough*

That online lyf - 10,625 days


We are spending over 29 years on our phones/computers, tablets looking at Zoella videos, scrolling through Instagram and slipping into people’s DMs.

Yeah, sounds legit.

Friends and family time - 1765 days

We spent 4.8 years hanging out with our friends and family out of choice. Obvs discounting the first 18 years you live with your mum and were forced to.

Haiiiii Mum.

Laughing - 115 days

A third of a year of our lives is spent lolling.

Moaning - 5 months

We’ll be complaining for 5 months of our life about how much time we’ve been wasting. But then change nothing and keep doing the exact same thing.