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The Plane Crash

by Joel Gooder, aged 9

The Plane Crash by Joel Gooder

Read by Chris Pavlo from the BBC Radio Drama Company

Dan was 12 years old, rude and ignorant. At school he always got detention for bullying and dropping litter everywhere. He only thought about himself and always wanted to be in the limelight. He used violence to get his own way.

His Mum and Dad had gone on their honeymoon, so Dan was travelling to Japan to stay with some friends. His Uncle and Aunt were accompanying him on the plane.

After the plane took off, he reclined his seat back sharply onto an elderly man in the seat behind him. The man didn’t know what had happened and fell off his chair in shock. An air steward rushed to help the old man onto his feet and took him to another seat. Dan sniggered, lay back with his hands behind his head and winked at the girl opposite him, who smiled feebly.

An air hostess walked over with a tray of food and drink. Dan stuck out his foot and tripped up the poor lady. Sushi and green tea went everywhere. Dan found this very amusing.

Suddenly the seatbelt light flashed red and the pilot announced that they had to find somewhere to land safely as one of the engines had broken. Everyone started panicking and the air hostesses tried to calm people down, assuring them that everything was going to be ok.

Suddenly the pilot shouted “I’ve lost control! We’re going to crash!” The plane crashed with an almighty crunch.

When Dan opened his eyes he was still fastened into his chair. The windows were smashed and the back of the plane was almost completely gone. They had landed on a desolate, barren island.

The plane crash had caused many casualties. Dan looked at his Aunt and Uncle and saw they were knocked out cold by the impact. It didn’t matter to him. Some other people were severely hurt but Dan didn’t help anyone, he just thought of himself. He unfastened his seatbelt, checked that no-one was looking and rummaged in the suitcases that surrounded him. He found lots of wallets stuffed with money and some expensive jewellery and stuffed them in his pockets.

It was getting dark so he looked for a place to shelter. Finally he found a cave on the edge of a mountain. He made a makeshift bed with some grass, lay down and went to sleep. An hour later, Dan woke up and heard muffled whispers echoing through the cave. He got up and looked around but could not find anyone so he went back to bed. Minutes later he heard more whispering. Again he looked around and this time found a blank gravestone. He was shocked because it hadn’t been there before. Plumes of smoke rose from deep inside the cave and a booming voice called out “bad things happen to bad people”.

The next morning a search party scouting for survivors found the cave. Inside, they found the gravestone with Dan’s name engraved on it. Dan was nowhere to be seen.

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