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Scott McCulloch

Scott was fired in week two after his team’s wearable technology idea (a jumper with a camera in it) failed to summon up any orders at all. Of his firing, Scott said, “Lord Sugar accused me of hiding. That’s an accusation I take very seriously. Don’t think I’m a hider - I put myself forward as project manager, didn’t I?!”

About Scott

Scott first worked as a trainee resource consultant for a recruitment company after leaving school, and is now responsible for global strategic partnerships within companies in the clinical development field. He previously held roles in business development in clinical research, travelling all over the world to work with emerging markets. He describes himself as determined, trustworthy and hungry to succeed and admires brands such as Pfizer and GSK and businessmen such as Peter Jones.

Scott is angered by people who speak before they think - or people who capitalize on an idea before he's thought of it. He's aware that his impatience with time wasters may hold him back, but thinks his direct approach finds him favour with colleagues - or at least it did when he openly criticised a boss for micro managing!

Scott McCulloch's Audition

Candidate Scott claims he knows everything about everything.