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Free the Word: Fam

28 September 2017

Fam by Caleb Femi

Radio London

Fam by Caleb Femi

Def: A friend. Suggested by listeners to Radio London.

When we say fam we don't mean what we have in common with blood / We mean you are the mirror that shows forth my better side.

def | a familiar form of address for a friend.

Armistead Maupin writes in his Tales of the City series about the difference between a person’s biological family and what he calls their ‘logical family’, the people who you choose to spend time with and who make you feel safe and supported... Fam has undergone a further development, being used, like bro and bruv, as a form of address for a close friend or member of one’s peer group... This usage was originally particularly associated with the hip-hop subculture in the United States. It has made its way across the Atlantic and is increasingly common in the speech of young Londoners.

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