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Eight food trends you'll be seeing in 2018

More of us will make a living from food styling

BBC Minute: On how to make food look good on Instagram

Pink table cloths, lighting and other top tips

We'll see more West African food in our restaurants and take-outs

BBC Minute: On West African Food - the next great untapped cuisine?

Why jollof rice and chin chin could be the next big thing

We'll be ditching restaurants for street food

BBC Minute: Street Food

Part 8: Why more of us are ditching restaurants for food trucks

We could be eating pasta donuts and sushi croissants in 2018

Food trends 2018

Fancy a sushi croissant or a pasta donut? These foods are expected to be big in 2018.

More of us will become vegans

BBC Minute: On going vegan

Why more of us are ditching meat for plants

We'll start getting better at wasting less

BBC Minute: Food Waste

The restaurant that does not own a bin

We'll see more innovative ways at growing our food

BBC Minute: How farms in supermarkets could feed the world

You can grow herbs and vegetables in these fridges

There will be more scientific ways to work out what to eat

BBC Minute: On DNA eating

How mouth swabs could tell us what we need to eat