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Super furry animals: Your amazing paintings of pets

12 April 2018

It’s a dog’s life sitting for an artist, and that was certainly the case for Herbert and Nutmeg, the adorable canines that The Big Painting Challenge contestants had to capture on canvas in episode two. As a nation of animal lovers, you’ve been sending us paintings and drawings of your own furry friends. Keep sharing your paintings via Mixital.

Barney by Alan Jones
Shaking Dog by Simon F
Bella by Amanda J
Mingkay by Emma Boitoult
I'm Morris by Jenny
Time For Bed by Katharine Jennings
Jerry by ii8kppkikd
Cockerpoo by Julie Ford
Ben by Greg Lashmar
Bracken by Mandmade
Collies by Anne
Tany and Cindy German Shepherds by Amanda J
Popcorn the Golden Lab by Anthony Sherratt
Pastel Pet Portrait by Julie Ford
Missyboots by Stephen

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