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Welcome to PopMaster here on Radio 2. We’ve had the quiz running for a few years now (*cough*) and it’s become a huge part of the mid-morning show. It’s a chance to test your knowledge of popular music against the rest of the nation and whether you play along in the car, at home, or at work (or maybe you could be coaxed into calling in to take part one morning?), we hope you enjoy it. Happy quizzing!

- Ken Bruce

Enter PopMaster on the radio

PopMaster is the Radio 2 quiz to test pop music knowledge and it is broadcast daily on the Ken Bruce show.

If you want to take part in PopMaster or our special All-Day PopMaster on Thursday 2 June, find out how and read the PopMaster Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice here.

PopMaster is conducted in line with the BBC's code of conduct for competitions.

Play along with your very own PopMaster Scorecard

Many of Ken's loyal listeners have got in touch to tell us that they love playing along with PopMaster at home, at work, and everywhere else they happen to be listening. We know that lots of you love to keep track of how well you're doing by scribbling down your score on scraps of paper, old receipts, chocolate wrappers, etc.

Well, why not keep score with the official PopMaster Scorecard? Make sure you print yours out now and proudly display your results in a prominent location to show your family, friends and colleagues just how much of a musical brainbox you really are.

We Stop for PopMaster

If you play along in an office, on a building site, or just at home, why not print out this sign so people know not to disturb you during PopMaster? Expecting a delivery? Don’t worry - just put the sign on your front door and the delivery driver will know not to disturb you. Is your boss always wanting a ‘meeting’ at 1030? Just stick this handy sign up by your desk and everyone will know NOT to bother you at this crucial time.

Play PopMaster Bingo

Regular PopMaster listeners will know that there's a few phrases and reactions that crop up during the quiz time and again. When a quiz has been running as long as PopMaster, you'd expect nothing less. Eyes down...

PopMaster podcast

Never miss a single edition again by subscribing to the PopMaster podcast and taking it with you wherever you go. You can find it on BBC Sounds.

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