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The Fourth Dimension

The Doctor Dances

Hugo Winner

This episode, along with The Empty Child, won the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Going Bananas

The Doctor expresses his love of bananas in this episode. In a subsequent Steven Moffat episode, The Girl In The Fireplace, the Doctor claims that he invented the banana daiquiri cocktail.

Bad Wolf

The German bomb that Jack rides has the words "Schlechter Wolf" written on it. This broadly translates as "Bad Wolf".

Everybody Lives

In keeping with other Steven Moffat's other stories, nobody completely dies in this adventure. Moffat's characters usually get resurrected or go on to 'live' in virtual worlds.

Chula And Rice

The Chula are named after a restaurant in London where the Series One writers met for a meal after being commissioned by Russell T Davies.

Golden Moment

The scene where the Child encounters the Doctor, Rose, and Jack in the hospital was voted television's Golden Moment Of 2005 by viewers of the BBC's 2005 TV Moments show.

Moonlight And Music

Two Glenn Miller tracks, In the Mood and Moonlight Serenade, feature in the episode.

Nanogenes And Nanites

The Nanogenes in the story were originally called Nanites, until it was felt that this sounded to similar to technology referred to in series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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