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Demi Lovato: I want to be a popstar who seems real and people can look up to

Demi Lovato says she doesn't want to portray herself as a 'perfect' popstar so her fans can have someone to look up to and help them through tough times.

The Sorry Not Sorry singer visit the Radio 1 Breakfast Show to discuss her new album Tell Me You Love Me and an upcoming documentary into making the record, which also shows an insight into her life.

"There are still pop stars who seem perfect and I want to be one who seems real," she told Nick Grimshaw.

They have someone to look up to and think 'I can get over it'
Demi Lovato

"If anyone is struggling with something, they have someone to look up to and think 'I can get over it.'"

Demi has spoken openly in the past about addiction problems and mental health issues and says that her Simply Complicated documentary will address some of the demons she continues to battle.

"I touch on some things I still struggle with today," she said. "I’ve talked a lot in my past but I talk about what I deal with today."

Camp Rock was a long time ago, OK?

Demi started her career as a child actress and admits that she was "mean" to other people during her teenage years due to the pressures of fame and her work schedule.

I was so difficult to work with. I was so mean
Demi Lovato

"I used to be a diva, I was so difficult to work with," she admitted.

"I was so mean. I went through so many assistants but then I got sober and was nice. Now I’m a totally different person."

"I think I was just unhappy. I was working so much, I think I was 17, where I was just working ridiculous hours and it wasn't by choice.

"It was working under a machine, but now I’m so happy and I have fun with everything."

Demi's schedule is still jam-packed (she told Nick how she performed in New York and Las Vegas on the same day as flying to Germany for more work) but now, she knows how to manage her time and is surrounded by people she enjoys being around.

"I've woken up and not known what country I’m in," she told Radio 1.

"I just ask someone on my team."

She says her team keep her laughing (even when she's grumpy about her ponytail being too tight and other pressing issues) but also makes time every week to focus on herself.

"Sundays are my days when I don't work out," she said.

"I’m super lazy and I just veg out on the coach."

Demi Lovato's new album, Tell Me You Love Me, is out now

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