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The Listener Collection - A Knitted Schedule

05:45 Farming Today - The latest news about food, farming and the countryside.

Thanks to @nudinits

05:58 - Tweet of the Day. Discover birds through their songs and calls.

Thanks to @jofosteruk

06:00 - Today. Our flagship news and current affairs programme...careful not to crash the pips.

Thanks to @colnesoap

10:00 - Woman's Hour. A stealthy knitted Jenni Murray in pursuit of an interview.

Thanks to @KnittedMoz

11:15 - Loose Ends. An eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy.

Thanks to @WoollyBenguin

12.15 - You and Yours. News and discussion of consumer affairs.

Thanks to @ClareSams

12:32 - The Food Programme. Celebrating the sheer pleasure of good food - in wool.

Thanks to @nudinits

14:00 - The Archers (repeat from last night) Tony Archer is trampled by Otto the bull.

Thanks to @museumofwool

15:00 - Gardeners' Question Time. Bob Flowerdew and team answer your gardening questions.

Thanks to @tortorsmith whose mum, Susan Smith, loves listening to GQT.

Gardeners' Question Time - extended edition. Slugs will knit the brow of many a gardener.

Thanks to @World_Museum

15:30 - All in the Mind. Exploring the limits and potential of the human mind.

Hat with brain cells hidden. Thanks to Sarah White

16:30 - The Infinite Monkey Cage. This week, volcanology with Brian Cox.

Thanks to

1900 - The Archers. Starring Eddie Grundy's ferret.

Thanks to Lynne Gilmore

War and Fleece - An epic dramatisation across ten hours on New Year's Day.

Thanks to @nudinits

00:48 - The Shipping Forecast. "Attention all shipping..."

We know it is strictly the next day, but the Shipping Forcast signals the end of our programme for another day. Thanks to @The Stitch Society for finishing our knitted schedule.