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Seven highflyers who lived to tell the tale

The man who jumps off tall buildings

The man who jumps off tall buildings

Chris 'Douggs' McDougall has risked his life doing more than 3,600 base jumps.

The one-winged eagle who soared again

The one-winged eagle that soared again

John Stokes from Tennessee takes to the sky with a one-winged eagle called Osceola

The first pilot to use an ejector seat in an emergency

How did early ejector seats work?

Jo Lancaster became one of the first pilots to eject from a plane in an emergency

The world's oldest tamden skydiver

A 101-year-old becomes world's oldest tandem skydiver

D-Day veteran Verdun Hayes now plans to wing-walk for his 102nd birthday

Flying 7,000 km with a flock of swans

The woman who flew 7,000km with swans

Ornithologist Sacha Dench on flying with migrating swans from Russia to Britain

I built a flying suit with six jet engines

How the UK's 'Iron Man' takes flight

British inventor Richard Browning has built a flying suit using six miniature jet engines

I'm going to be flying at 40,000 feet

Wingsuit Wonderman's FOUR world record attempts

Wingsuit jumper Fraser Corsan is hoping to go where no man has gone before.